When you build a website, the objective is to be seen.

Whether it is an e-commerce oriented site, a showcase site, a blog, a general content site, commercial or not. The fact of publishing a site on the web implies that we are looking for visibility and that we want to reach a more or less precise target.

SEO strategy = traffic

There are loads of ways to build traffic for a site. You can register in directories, launch advertising campaigns through a network, use forums, link exchange systems, social networks and many more. But search engines are by far the best way to increase site traffic. Today it is proven that on average one in two visitors comes from a search engine. By optimizing your natural referencing, you therefore theoretically open the doors to an increase of between 35 and 50% of your current traffic.

SEO brings you qualified traffic

In absolute terms, increasing your traffic is a good thing. What a site should look for first, however, is to increase its qualified traffic. To do this, you need to have solid SEO knowledge in order to position a site on specific queries related to the site’s activity.

SEO is a sustainable competitive advantage

Setting up a successful SEO strategy requires a lot of time and in-depth knowledge. This is why companies tend to use SEO agencies to manage their SEO. But if you have to invest and spend time on setting up an SEO strategy and maintaining it, all the benefits will be free afterwards.

The advantage of SEO is that it is sustainable. Once your SEO has been optimized, it becomes very difficult for a competitor to dislodge you. If it is maintained over time, it is even better, because the reputation of your domain name will grow and it will once again be more difficult to match you.

Another recurring question concerns the usefulness of investing in Ads campaigns in addition to SEO.

This is why the battle for positioning is so fierce these days: Everyone wants to rank in the top 10 search results because the vast majority of clicks are proven to be made on those results.